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The most interesting facts about mobile phones

As you know, a mobile phone is firmly entrenched in the life of a modern person, and not only a modern one, for any granny who doesn’t really know how to use it. Every month there are new models of phones that cause some people to be really enthusiastic and, accordingly, hype.

Of course, this was not always the case, before, in general, much was different, as regards mobile phones, and today we will talk about this in more detail. In particular, you will find out who made the very first mobile phone call, and indeed the most interesting facts about mobile phones.

The very first mobile phone in the world

Who do you think was the very first to talk on a mobile phone? – Of course, this was an employee of the company that produces them, namely Motorola employee Martin Cooper. He made the first call in 1973, while on a street in New York. Who did he call if then almost no one had such phones? – He called his rival Joel Angel from AT & T, which is the largest in the world at the time.

He called and boasted that he was talking on his mobile, standing on the street, which caused his anger. This has already become clear from the interview he gave to the BBC. This phone was a prototype of the Motorola DynaTAC, which after some ten years became the first mobile phone that could be purchased in the store. The price of course was huge, $ 3995, and for today’s money, taking inflation into account, we would have to pay $ 9,000 for it. By the way, Gordon Gekko speaks on such a phone in the film “Wall Street”.

The world’s first smartphone

The world’s first smartphone appeared twenty years later since the development of a mobile phone, that is, in 1993, and was presented to everyone at the Wireless World Conference in Florida. The weight of the phone was about 500 grams, well, in terms of functionality it was much ahead of the first mobile phone. That he represented the phone and PDA with LCD-touchscreen display in one person. The smartphone had Simon, and it was launched by BellSouth Cellular.

In the description of the phone it was said that the smartphone serves not only as an ordinary phone and that in addition to the usual communication functions there is also an e-mail reader, a calendar with an interactive schedule, an outline screen, an address book and many other functions. All this was offered for 899 dollars. In fact, such phones were released only two thousand models and for collectors, they are considered a real find.

SMS limit of 160 characters

Why is the limit for sms is 160 characters? – Just because. The fact is that the creator of SMS, Friedhelm Hilbrand, who invented sending a 128-bit message via a mobile network, once thought about what limit of the number of characters to enter for SMS messages, because for obvious reasons the length should be limited.

He sat at his typewriter trying to find the optimal number of characters for SMS typing and came to the conclusion that you could fit a short note in two lines, which was 160 characters, that is, it seemed to him so. In the future, he was supported by all mobile operators, and in 1986 the standard was adopted. As is well known, something similar is happening on Twitter right now, there is a limit of 140 characters.

Random calls from pocket

Surely it happened that someone calls you, and in the receiver you hear the voice of the one who calls you, but only remotely. At this time, he is talking to someone else sitting for example in a cafe. So-called out-of-pocket calls are common for old cell phone models where there were problems with locking the keypad.

But in some countries of the world such calls were a real disaster. The fact is that in the 2000s, there were too many such calls to emergency services and all were random. For example, 70% of calls to 911 were random, and in the UK the emergency number was 999 and there the number of such calls reached 11,000 per day. Why so much? Yes, because the emergency number was dialed even with a locked keypad. Later, for obvious reasons, we had to abandon it.

The most expensive phone in the world

You can not even imagine how much the most expensive phone in the world costs. It costs about five million pounds or 230 million rubles. What kind of phone is this? – It is called the iPhone 4 “Diamond Rose”, and its creator is the British jeweler Stuart Hughes. This phone contains 500 diamonds weighing more than a hundred carats, a bit of rose gold apple with 53 diamonds and a 7.4-carat pink diamond in place of the Home button. Well, as a gift comes another diamond, only green, which can be inserted instead of pink.

Fake trees

In view of the fact that even the most sparsely populated areas are covered with cellular networks, the towers are everywhere, only they are hidden from all, it is easier to say that they are disguised .

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