The most interesting facts about mobile phones
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Interesting facts about mobile communications. Did you know about this? ..
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Interesting facts about cell phones

Interesting facts about mobile phones

The cell phone has fundamentally changed our attitude, made all of our areas of life easier, brighter, more interesting. We do not part with mobile phones around the clock, do not imagine ourselves without the possibility of constant instant communication with family, friends, business partners. Here are some interesting information confirming the fundamentally new framework of life that has been established with the massive introduction of mobile phones into our living space.

1. Their huge amount

It is estimated that 3.3 billion mobile phones are simultaneously operating on the planet. It turns out that they are only two times smaller than the people living on earth. But after all, only the active part of the world’s population has telephones, which means that there are 158 mobile phones per hundred people, which is too much.

2. Ecology in danger

Hundreds of millions of phones each year are thrown away by owners in the trash. This is because the emergence of more sophisticated, newer models is ahead of the deadlines for the apparatus to fail. Mobile phones become obsolete morally, become unfashionable and undervalued, people acquire new ultramodern models, and old ones fly into the trash without regret. If this continues in the future, then very soon we will have to think about how to properly dispose of these mobile devices so that they do not pollute our planet. Today, the state of ecology on Earth is extremely difficult, the scale of pollution of the planet is truly astronomical.

3. Mobile phones will replace bulletins

Today, there is a tendency in some states during elections to the authorities to use not the usual voting through polling stations and ballot boxes, but their own mobile phone, on which any citizen is free to vote for any candidate. It is very convenient for all parties, simplifies the voting process itself, and also makes it easy to identify the voter. It has already become clear that the era of mobile voting has been successfully opened.

4. Korean youth can not live without SMS

Statistics show that, on average, a Korean young man sends 60 SMS-messages daily, for the year they are already 20 thousand! And the data on students and that is better – every student is able to send up to one hundred messages a day. A natural question arises – when do they study and engage in personal life?

5. The first mobile phone is Motorola.

There is nothing sensational in this, in 1983 the era of cellular communication really started and the first Motorola models appeared on the market.

6. Mobile phone as a flashlight

Interestingly, almost half of all mobile phone users actively use its backlight as a flashlight.

7. Mobile phone in the hands of hooligans

The phone has become a real carrier of the negative, and even specific threats to its owner. For example, in the UK, telephone hooliganism has greatly increased, when unknown individuals send hooligan SMS messages to people, intimidate them, insult them. Such threats can be sent by mobile phone around the clock, because the phones of many people are always in working condition.

8. Mobile phone on guard of the world

Specialists are now developing the introduction of special settings in cell phones that can recognize radioactive substances. The settings are based on the use of semiconductor sensors radioactive background. Terrorists are often attracted to their black deeds by the central streets of big cities, where there is a crowd of people. Since people do not part with the phones, the presence of such anti-terrorist settings will greatly facilitate the fight against terrorism. Prevent the attacks will be with the help of the inhabitants of the city.

9. Mobile phone alerts catastrophe

Very often, a mobile phone becomes the only means in an extreme situation when you need to call for help or urgently tell someone something. Often, mobile phones are excellent help in natural disasters, natural disasters. By telephone, you can quickly notify residents of an impending disaster, for this mobile operators send out SMS messages to their subscribers.

10. Mobile literature is now in fashion

Restless Japanese invented this chip – to write books through a mobile phone. The novels and novels, which are written in this original way, have already turned the entire publishing market on its head, and their authors instantly became super-rich, receiving astronomical profits. This industry today is the most extravagant and youngest; new authors lined up behind the pioneers of new literature, also aiming for world-wide fame. Literature of this kind does not lose its unprecedented popularity, on the display of the mobile phone are written many of the most popular books. Their authors are mostly women who write mobile novels about their own lives.

Interesting facts about mobile phones
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