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5 facts about the brand Xiaomi
Smartphones from the famous Chinese brand Xiaomi appeared on the Ukrainian mobile technology market not so long ago and already managed to conquer their users. However, not all fans of…

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Choosing a service center for mobile phone repair
An unexpected breakdown of the mobile phone happened, perhaps, with everyone. Surviving a few days with a different or spare phone is quite possible. But one has only to imagine…

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Website creation and promotion: how to correct?
In our time, progress does not stand still and his majesty comfort flourishes successfully in developed countries. For example, today you can run your business without leaving your home. In…

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Why is it worth buying smartphones on Android?

IPhones flooded the market not only because of the brand’s promotion and popularity, but also due to its many features and capabilities. Nevertheless, many users continue to be faithful to Android-based smartphones and willingly use the advantages of such phones at home, at work, for hobbies and recreation.
One of the main advantages of the Android operating system is its reasonable price and a large selection of phones of various brands and models that support it. But in order to consider in more detail the differences between iPhones and smartphones, let’s compare their capabilities with specific examples.
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The most interesting facts about mobile phones

As you know, a mobile phone is firmly entrenched in the life of a modern person, and not only a modern one, for any granny who doesn’t really know how to use it. Every month there are new models of phones that cause some people to be really enthusiastic and, accordingly, hype.

Of course, this was not always the case, before, in general, much was different, as regards mobile phones, and today we will talk about this in more detail. In particular, you will find out who made the very first mobile phone call, and indeed the most interesting facts about mobile phones.

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Interesting facts about cell phones

Interesting facts about mobile phones

The cell phone has fundamentally changed our attitude, made all of our areas of life easier, brighter, more interesting. We do not part with mobile phones around the clock, do not imagine ourselves without the possibility of constant instant communication with family, friends, business partners. Here are some interesting information confirming the fundamentally new framework of life that has been established with the massive introduction of mobile phones into our living space.

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Nokia 808 PureView Review with 41MP Camera!

The Nokia 808 PureView smartphone became a real sensation at the February exhibition in Barcelona: a camera, unprecedented in mobile devices, and all this, together with a morally outdated OS, with no small dimensions and weight. The model turned out to be unusual. It may not be a sales hit, but it will enter its name in the history of the development of mobile technology as the first phone with a 41-megapixel sensor.

The smartphone came to us for testing before the start of official sales and only for a couple of days. Due to time constraints, some aspects of the Nokia 808 PureView were left “overboard”: for example, we could not verify the autonomous operation of the device in different modes. Continue reading

Mobile phones, interesting facts

The first mobile phone from Motorola appeared in 1983. Then not every family in the Soviet Union even had a home telephone. No one could have imagined that over time, mobile communications will make a huge revolution in the field of human communication and will become the main means of communication. The first mobile phones entering the Ukrainian market were bulky, heavy, and quickly discharged. Not only the phones themselves were expensive, but also a minute of conversation on them. No one knew then that there would once be iPhones that would have a multimillion army of fans. By the way, if you are a happy owner of such a phone, then, most likely, sometimes you need a repair of iPhones. Whatever Apple fans say – these phones break down like everyone else. Continue reading

Gadget for nothing: how low prices for modern technology will fall?
  MP3 player. The first portable MP3 player appeared in March 1998 and was released by the Korean company SaeHan Information Systems. A device called Eiger Labs MPMan F10 had…


10 interesting facts about Android that are not known to everyone
You probably know that Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world. Many have heard that the market share of this operating system still shows growth and over…


5 facts about the brand Xiaomi
Smartphones from the famous Chinese brand Xiaomi appeared on the Ukrainian mobile technology market not so long ago and already managed to conquer their users. However, not all fans of…


What information do applications for smartphones get without our knowledge?
Many of us start the day by opening mobile apps - before breakfast and the first cup of coffee are ready. We use them for any daily business: we are…