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Types of screens in smartphones: which one to choose?
Before the mass distribution of smartphones, when buying phones, we evaluated them mainly by design and only occasionally paid attention to the functionality. Times have changed: now all smartphones have…

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Tablets and phones in the lives of our children
It is not surprising that today parents and their children constantly have to share gadgets during the evening rest of the whole family. Modern technologies allow people to seamlessly enjoy…

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Interesting facts about phones
Calls to work, calls to family and friends, we call every day and do not even think that we make an average of almost 1,200 phone calls per year. And…

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What are the phones for 2 SIM-cards? Three kinds, different functions

A phone that supports 2 SIM cards is convenient: the device is one, and there are two cards at once! If you are considering reducing the number of your mobile phones by acquiring such a simple device, please be careful: not every 2-phone phone is capable of what everyone expects of it. Simultaneous work of two SIM-cards at a time is given only by a third of such devices. How to choose the right one?

You should start with the fact that there are three types of phones with support for 2 SIM-cards, and each has its own features of work. Let’s figure out what you should buy a mobile phone. Continue reading

Immediate prospects for commerce on the Internet

Despite Ukraine’s noticeable lag behind most European countries in the startup industry, we are still in some ways first. For several years in a row, Ukrainian trade on the Internet has shown an annual growth of a third, due to which it occupies a leading position in the Eastern European market.

Moreover, in terms of development rates, our market overtakes any of the European countries. What was the impetus for mass Internet entrepreneurship and what are the business prospects? Consider in more detail.

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When was the first spam sent out?

There is a saying “A blessing in disguise.” I would reformulate it like this: “There is no good without a blessing.” Any invention is conceived for the convenience of mankind, but ultimately there are always individual “bright” personalities who turn the pros into cons.

Here, for example, e-mail. It is now one of the main services of the global network. It is used by all, even those who are wary of “these are your Internet.” E-mail once and for all deprived of work ordinary mail. The volume of letters in envelopes with stamps dropped dramatically several years ago and continues to decline. Perhaps a few more years will pass, and only special letters will travel in the envelopes, with acknowledgment of delivery, which are sent by state organizations or lawyers in order to record the fact of the letter being handed over. Continue reading

Tablets and phones in the lives of our children

It is not surprising that today parents and their children constantly have to share gadgets during the evening rest of the whole family. Modern technologies allow people to seamlessly enjoy games, watching movies and listening to audio recordings, high-quality access to the Internet in any acceptable way and other advantages of devices that support Android and the Play Market.
Thus, parents often have to find compelling reasons for trying to tear a child away from their favorite cartoons or video games right under the blanket of their own bed. As an alternative solution, many manufacturers of office equipment today offer parents to pay attention to a mobile phone or tablet for a child, specially designed for children of different ages. Continue reading

Choosing a service center for mobile phone repair

An unexpected breakdown of the mobile phone happened, perhaps, with everyone. Surviving a few days with a different or spare phone is quite possible. But one has only to imagine what kind of stress a person has to go through in the first minutes of realization that his gadget, to which he was so used, has suddenly failed. For people whose work involves constant contacting and communication, this is a double stress.

Therefore, each adequate user, sensing something was wrong, will immediately rush to the master of telephone affairs instead of trying to fix the damage on his own.
But craftsmen and service centers also need to be able to choose correctly. Sensor elements, a variety of sensors, ultra-thin parts require considerable experience in repair and careful treatment. Continue reading

What information do applications for smartphones get without our knowledge?
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The best computer gadgets for children
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What is a QR code?
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Who will win: an e-book or a regular one? The battle continues
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