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Immediate prospects for commerce on the Internet
Despite Ukraine’s noticeable lag behind most European countries in the startup industry, we are still in some ways first. For several years in a row, Ukrainian trade on the Internet…

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Why is it worth buying smartphones on Android?
IPhones flooded the market not only because of the brand’s promotion and popularity, but also due to its many features and capabilities. Nevertheless, many users continue to be faithful to…

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What information do applications for smartphones get without our knowledge?
Many of us start the day by opening mobile apps - before breakfast and the first cup of coffee are ready. We use them for any daily business: we are…

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Dependence on the smartphone: interesting facts

Greetings to regular and new readers! In the article “Dependence on the smartphone: interesting facts and videos” useful information on this topic. Tips to get rid of smartphone addiction.

What is nomophobia
Nomophobia (eng. Nomophobia, from no mobile-phone phobia). It is a fear (phobia) to remain without a mobile phone or to be far away from it.

Friends, how many times a day do you check your phone? According to the survey, a typical American checks a smartphone every 6.5 minutes. Young people feel their devotion to their own gadgets especially acutely. This dependence on the smartphone (nomophobia). Fear (phobia) to remain without a mobile phone. Continue reading

The very first phones in the world

Before the appearance of the usual phones for us, their prototypes existed. But electric phones did not become the height of achievement, they were replaced by mobile (portable) phones, which have found wide application. Prototypes of the first phones An ancient prototype of a telephone existed among the Persian king in the sixth century BC. It was a service, which consisted of about thirty thousand people. They were called “royal ears” and, being located within earshot on the watchtowers and hilltops, they transmitted messages to the king and orders from him for great distances. Continue reading

Interesting facts about mobile communications. Did you know about this? ..

Mobile communication has firmly entered our lives and has become absolutely familiar. But there are many facts that most of us do not even realize. Here are some of them. Kostenko Maxim, Cellular or Mobile? Is soup and food the same? On the one hand – yes, on the other – not really. Anyone understands that soup is a type of food. A mobile phone is a device with the help of which we can stay in touch, moving within a certain territory, as opposed to a stationary one. Therefore, a mobile phone, a satellite telephone, and a cellular phone familiar to everyone, which can be used within the coverage area of ​​a cellular network, can be attributed to mobile phones. Continue reading

Startup of the week: Zanco Smart-Pen – the world’s thinnest phone in the form of a stylus

Last week we told you about a unique work for tourists and travelers called Cleansebot, which will provide bed disinfection in hotels. Today’s article is devoted to an unusual Zanco Smart-Pen phone, made in the form of a stylus.
about the project
We are used to the fact that most modern phones are made in the form of a classic rectangle. If this is not enough for you, you can find phones in the form of a credit card, devices made in a round case, etc. Continue reading

Presented by Redmi Note 7 from the new sub-brand Xiaomi

Today in Beijing, a conference was held, in which the Chinese manufacturing giant Xiaomi presented its new independent sub-brand Redmi. And immediately at this conference was announced a new smartphone of this sub-brand called Redmi Note 7.
One of the highlights of the new smartphone was an optimized Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. Presented by Redmi Note 7 from the new sub-brand Xiaomi Owner and part-time CEO of Xiaomi Technology Lei Jun noticed that the new optimized processor version has significant differences from the standard version and only the best side. To confirm his words, Lei Jun compared Redmi Note 7 with other products that use the standard Snapdragon 660 version. Continue reading

How to choose a USB flash drive
Once information was transferred to floppy disks, but it was a long time ago and at the moment it is inconvenient, because flash drives appeared. But the official name of…


Errors when flashing with the SP Flash Tool
Possible errors produced by the SP Flash Tool when flashing devices based on MediaTek processors. (1003) S_COM_PORT_OPEN_FAIL The problem with the port. It may occur if for example com-ports are…


Interesting facts about mobile phones
What is “pocket calls”? Why do mobile phones go on sale only ten years after development? And where are the mobile communication antennas hiding? 1. Clever Simon. The world's first…


Say goodbye to plastic! The era of mobile wallets is coming
For half a century the civilized world does not think of life without plastic cards. However, having saved us from the need to mess with cash, “plastic” inevitably became a…